IML 400 Spring 2015

Assignment 2: Development Practices

  1. Design and implement a simple Storm class page
  2. Complete tutorial
  3. Deploy class page

Due Date

Monday, February 2nd, 9:00am.


  1. Tim Berners Lee et al: The world-wide web
  2. Dive into HTML5: Intro to Semantics

Please prepare a report for the Tim Berners Lee reading.

Use the knowledge you learn from the Dive into HTML5 book to correctly format all your pages. In particular, add comments to your IML 400 class index page explaining your semantics formatting choices. We will be reviewing this for the <!DOCTYPE>, <html>, <head> and <meta> tags in your HTML files.

Here is the Minimal Template we used in class to introduce the concepts of HTML5 Semantics Standards, basic webpage structure, HTTP requests, basic Javascript event handling, and the Chrome Developer Tools.

Readings Due Date

Monday, February 2nd, 9:00am.

Additional Resources


  1. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) about page
  2. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Wikipedia entry
  3. What is HTTP?
  4. Uniform resource locator (URL) Wikipedia entry
  5. Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 at the W3C, derived from HTTP/1.1, Internet RFC 2616, Fielding, et al.


  1. Understanding HTTP
  2. GIT book by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub
  3. UNIX Tutorial
  4. Basic UNIX Commands