IML 400 Spring 2015

Assignment 4: Dive into Javascript

  1. Create an interactive story that requires user input. Mad Libs or Exquisite Corpses are two directions you can take but feel free to explore your own ideas.

The following are two simple code examples that illustrate some functionality for user inputs and string manipulation.

  1. Live text input and string manipulation - introducing the contenteditable attribute
  2. Slightly more complex string manipulation - activated on click. View the source code and study the parsing techniques to build a usable structure from a plain text file. How would I go about it if I wanted to redact out specific words or sentences from a text? Would I need more structure? What would it take to build an interactive interface that redacts words or blocks of words on click?
  3. A character stream with paragraph detection

Due Date

Monday, February 23rd, 9:00am.


  1. Eloquent Javascript Chapter 2: Basic JavaScript: values, variables, and control flow
  2. Eloquent Javascript Chapter 3: Functions
  3. Eloquent Javascript Chapter 6: - The Secret Life of Objects
  4. Eloquent Javascript Chapter 11: Web programming: A crash course
  5. Learn JQuery
  6. How JQuery works
  7. JQuery Code Organization
  8. Javascript is Sexy: Javascript Objects in Detail

Please prepare a report where you compare and combine insight from all this readings to explain the following concepts: Function, object, event, and Document Object Model.

Readings Due Date

Monday, February 23rd, 9:00am.

Additional Resources


  1. - Introducing JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  2. Eloquent Javascript - Free online book with interactive tutorials
  3. Javascript History
  4. JQuery
  5. JQuery UI
  6. JSFiddle - Livecoding environment
  7. CodePen - Livecoding environment

    Dynamic or Interactive Stories

  1. The original Carl strip by Scott McCloud (from page 84 of Understanding Comics)
  2. Choose your own Carl by Scott McCloud
  3. Memory Slam a selection of Poetry Programs
  4. The Renderings Project a selection from CURA Magazine
  5. Through the Park by Nick Montfort
  6. Interactive Fiction Games a selection from the The PR-IF
  7. Soothslayer Electric Tarot by Alexander Swenson