IML 400 Spring 2015

Assignment 7: Welcome to the Metaverse

Choose an online social media or entertainment service (facebook, twitter, youtube, netflix, etc), and develop a concept for a virtual reality experience using it’s content and data. Use writing, sketches, mockups and/or visual references from science fiction to illustrate your ideas.

Publish your design proposal online as a simple webpage.

Due Date

Monday, March 16th, 9:00am.

Readings - Web VR

  1. The Verge - The Rise and Fall and Rise of Virtual Reality
  2. Mozilla, Virtual Reality, and the Dawn of the Metaverse? - Interview with Josh Carpenter on WeVR
  3. Google Chrome and the future of Virtual Reality - Interview with Brandon Jones on WeVR
  4. Leading the Way to a Virtual Reality Web - Interview with Tony Parisi on WeVR

Readings Due Date

Monday, March 16th, 9:00am.

Additional Resources

    Web VR tools and related content

  1. Chrome Experiments for VR - Google Chrome Web VR tools for Google Cardboard
  2. MozVR - Mozilla / Firefox Web VR tools for Oculus Rift
  3. Vizor - Building VR in the browser
  4. eleVR - Virtual Reality research group
  5. eleVR VR video player - Web based 360° spherical video player
  6. List of open source software for VR development - a lot if it web based, via WeVR

    Web VR examples

  1. Basic Google Chrome Cardboard Boilerplate - using ThreeJS. Works on WebGl-enabled mobile browsers
  2. Basic MozVR Firefox / Oculus Rift Boilerplate - using ThreeJS. Requires Firefox nightly build
  3. Simple MozVR Firefox / Oculus Rift web content browsing mockup - using ThreeJS. Requires Firefox nightly build. Warning: slow to load. Sometimes needs to reload a few times
  4. Simple scene with cubemap implemented for three different platforms:
  5. GLAM VR tutorial Adding a Cardboard viewport