IML 400 Spring 2015

Assignment 8: Net Art Case studies

Conceive and implement a Net Art Piece using an ingenuous combination of css, javascript, gifs, memes, emoji, sound, video and/or interactive text. You're free to do anything you want except for this one condition: your piece must include a code-driven dynamic and/or interactive element.

Keep in mind that your piece must represent your notion of Net Art, and feel at home when surrounded by other exponents of Net Art. We can then have a IML 400 Net Art gallery :D

Due Date

Monday, March 30th, 9:00am.

Readings - Web VR

  1. The Internet as Art by Goran Mijuk

Instead of a Reading Report, please write an Artist Statement describing goals and intentions behind your Net Art piece.

Statement Report Due Date

Monday, March 30th, 9:00am.

Additional Resources

    Selected Net Art readings

  1. Internet Art on Wikipedia
  2. on Wikipedia
  3. Internet meme on Wikipedia
  4. What is net art
  5. The 10 best twitterbots that are also net art
  6. The rise of the data artist

    Selected Net Art sites and artists

  1. Rhizome - Rhizome Artbase
  2. Torbulence Net Art foundation
  3. Rafaël Rozendaal
  5. Jung Lake at tumblr
  6. Jung Lake - requires pop-ups
  7. mPosada at tumblr
  8. gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle
  9. Staggering Beauty - Shake Vigorously
  10. Kim Asendorf
  11. w-a-l-l-p-a-p-e-r-s
  12. Hypergeography by Joe Hamilton
  13. How To / Why Leave Facebook by Nick Briz
  14. Claudia Maté
  15. Emilio Gomariz
  16. LA Turbo Avedon
  17. club rothko builder
  18. Technologies for the People
  19. Vince Mckelvie - at tumblr - - Pulse - Veryman Expert - Click Drag Click

    Net Art Social Platforms and Commercialization

  1. Adult Swim and Adult Swim: Etcetera Net Art meets TV Network
  2. Net Art custom t-shirts and everything
  3. Newhive is a multimedia publishing platform
  4. Picotale Search based and meme maker
  5. Animation Domination High-Def Cartoon based gif meme maker
  6. Gifpop lenticular gif prints