Creative design

This is an example of what the viewer will see upom the loading of the page. The user will be shown the map to be able to explore and will have a menu to toggle the character arcs on the side.

User Experiences

John is a first time user of the site and a new viewer to the Game of Thrones tv show. He is curiuos about the world's shape and the relationships that can be derived from looking at a map. He is wants to look at ned starks path through the realm and toggles his path in the menu. The path and events are loaded into the map and Jon begins to explore. As he runs through one characters path he activates others to explore and see the relationships between them. He leaves after having spent hours looking at material.

Luis is the second person to visit the site. He, unlike John is an Avid viewer of the show and reader of the books. He is not here to explore the world and see relationships but to procratinate grading assignments. On the site he explores the possibilities of where the show will read because he has not read the books fully and wants to extrapolate theorys of the show.

Technical Scope

The technical scope is rather simple. I will use the google maps API to create the mapped out world. Then to get the data i will be using the D3 library to read a excel file which i will be using as the primary data strage center instead of a back end because the scope of this project is not infinite and there is relatively low information.