The focus on this weeks 5 readings were all about the user and how they interact with a website. In the apple readings, the apple developers state that the user should into have entire control of the computer, only enough to where they feel like they do. The control users have should reflect their knowledge of computers. beginning users should have simple control that stems from the basic tasks preformed by the computer, where as experienced users should have almost complete control. In both cases, while the user does not have the entirety of control, the user experience should make them feel like they have the power. In other readings it was said that all users, even users completely new to your page, should know how to navigate it through a simple but powerful navigation system, but leave the experienced user the availability to use shortcuts. A webpage’s design should be intuitive. In the reading about Angry Birds, the author goes into the psychology behind the game and why users are attracted and addicted to it. A website should implore some of the same psychology as these apps, such as the ability for users to store the websites functions, navigation, and design in their short term memory and allow for an easier experience, rather than having to look around for what you want.
TL;DR: design every web site as if your audience is not very intelligent