What is art? art is whatever you want it to be. I classify art as something that make you think, that inspires you, and that can be visually appealing or apauling. I find net art to be a mixture of all of them. But what does that mean? When the Current Sea visited us and showed off their work i was disgusted. I HATED it. i felt like i could have a seisure at any moment, or was asking why? just plaing ugh. That being said, while i sit atop my hater throne, i say it was net art. Net art is art designed to live on the web. now any picture is art and that can live on the web, but at it doesnt require the web to survive. I belive net art have to be wired in the internet and will die if any pulls a single plug. For my piece im creating a gif mixer upper. Im going to import several of my favorite gifs and have them live in an environment where they can be toggled on and off and overlay each other onto themselves. Its a piece that will work in the web and only work there.